Become the King of Rhythm in SNK’s ‘The Rhythm of Fighters’

The Rhythm of Fighters is a new game from SNK that puts the beat in beating your opponents. It isn’t anything like any other SNK game, because this is strictly a tapping style game. Out now for iOS and Android devices for $0.99, it comes with fourteen songs from the start (more songs already available for DLC), ranging from King of Fighters to Metal Slug and you can play as characters like Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard and more (more then likely some coming as DLC as well). Each character comes with their own special abilities in combat and stages to complete, and you can equip supporting characters for added effects.

The game plays similar to others of its kind — simple notes with markers getting closer indicating when to tap, swipe and hold to lay the smack down on your opponent. Here’s a trailer to get a better look.

Rhythm of Fighters previewRhythm of Fighters preview 2