Cute Animals Shoot Each Other in ‘Wild Warfare’

A recently launched Kickstarter campaign is banking on fans of FPS and cute animals to back their game. It’s called Wild Warfare and the developers, Hyper Hippo Productions, are aiming to raise $24,000. With that amount, they’ll be able to add more polish to their character models, animations, and map designs.

The action is quick and exciting, and manages to be both lighthearted and competitive. The array of characters, vehicles and weaponry on display is sure to entice hardcore shooter fans. At the same time, raccoons and armadillos wielding guns are just too cute to be threatening. This humorous dichotomy really comes through in the pitch video.

Hyper Hippo have been working on games for years — ever since the Wii and DS days. They also have experience in mobile games and MMOs, so they know their way around netcode and multiplayer design. Alpha testing is already in progress and you can download the game on the team’s site. Backers will receive plenty of cool gifts and can even meet the design team if they donate enough. With their experience and help from fans, the studio plans to obliterate every challenge in their way.