Fans Upset At The Exclusion Of Pools And Toddlers In The Sims 4

All those Sims fans interested in drowning their finely crafted prepubescents — or raising a beautiful, well adjusted family — will have to make due with babies, children and teens (with a possible congenital growth hormone deficiency) for their Sims 4 shenanigans, because according to a recent blog post on the official Sims website, toddlers and pools are excluded from the base game.

While the exclusion isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself, the possible reasoning behind the missing content is what’s stirring fans the world over: micro-transactions, EA’s disturbingly commonplace practice, are the likely culprit in the cutting of Sims 4 material. 

In addition to the vocal majority whose primary concern is EA’s blatant rapacity, storytellers, roleplayers and various forms of toddler-obsessed perverts have been raising a miniature hell in the blog’s comment section, too. “Most the Simmers I know love toddlers,” writes one concerned fan. “I just thought that toddlers were so important and basic that it was completely unrealistic to assume they wouldn’t be in the game,” writes another, both clearly distraught at the lack of those virtual nuisances.

Strangely, fans don’t seem to care as much about the cutting of pools from the game. I guess family-folk don’t really have time for ragin’ pool parties nowadays. I, for one, will miss piling my entire Sims family in the pool and removing the ladder until they fade into an eternal slumber. I know, I know, it’s easier to corner them near a fireplace with wicker couches, but I’m oldschool like that.