Steam Summer Sale Day Nine Deals Are Upon Us!

This summer’s Steam sale is nearly over, but the ninth day of savings brings some impressive deals.

  • Payday 2 – $5.99
  • Age of Mythology: Extended Edition – $17.99
  • Assetto Corsa – $19.99
  • Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition – $2.99
  • Space Engineers – $13.39
  • Transistor – $14.99
  • Wargame: Red Dragon – $23.99
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition – $5.99
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut – $4.99

While GTA IV Complete may seem like a must-buy, the really good deal there is the GTA Collection, since it gets you every GTA game on Steam for $9.99. The 85% price drop on Tropico 4 also applies to everything else offered up for the series, meaning Tropico is only $1.04, while Tropico 3 is $1.49, and the Collector’s Bundle of Tropico 4 is $5.99. The 75% off deal for Deus Ex: Human Revolution also applies to other entries in the series, meaning you can get either Deus Ex or Invisible War for $1.74, while the mobile port of the The Fall is $2.49. Given how poorly-received that was, you’re better off spending a bit more on getting the two prior full games and just skipping The Fall.

The flash sale takes some hefty chunks out of games as well:

  • Alan Wake – $4.49
  • F1 2013 – $12.49
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch – $5.09
  • Reus – $2.49

The Alan Wake deal is remarkable as it extends to everything involving the series, and can net you the entire franchise for just $5.99 – making it a must-buy. F1 2013’s base game at $12.49 is a solid value, but the better overall deal is getting the $65 Classic Edition for $16.24. Octodad got mixed reviews, but at $5.09 for the full game and $6.79 for a version with the OST, it might be worth a shot. Reus is a fairly frequent sale game, but at under $3, it’s worth picking up if you’ve been curious about it before.