Nolan North in Visceral Star Wars Game?

Not much is known about Visceral Games’ TBD Star Wars title, so conjecture and speculation is all we have. Except we do know that former creative director at Naughty Dog Amy Hennig has been hired on as the creative director of this new venture into a galaxy far far away. What’s she been up to?

It’s hard to ignore this one. While it’s easy to say this is nothing more than a meeting of old friends and longtime coworkers, what’s this new adventures talk? The more you know about Amy Hennig and Nolan North, the more plausible him voicing a character in this shroud of a game sounds. Obviously, Nolan North voiced Nathan Drake for the Uncharted franchise, which Hennig helmed until being hired on by Visceral in April, and North has done a couple Star Wars roles, so he has the requisite experience, as if he couldn’t just walk on to any role he wanted anyway.

North has often spoken highly of Hennig and his desire to work with her, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were toasting to a New Hope, if you will – a hope that their new Star Wars game can revive the franchise after The Old Republic.