Age of Zombies Now Available For Free on the OUYA

In a surprising move, Age of Zombie’s isn’t just out on the OUYA store now – it’s also free! This twin-stick shooter supports both the OUYA pad and PS3 pads, and of the two, I’d definitely recommend going with the PS3 pad. The OUYA pad gave me some weird input lag and would just kind of control the character on its own for a bit. The PS3 pad worked flawlessly during my test, and is definitely the best way to play this. When things gel, you’ve got a slick-looking and controlling twin-stick shooter that winds up being the best one on the system. OUYA being the first console to see a release it on makes sense, and it’s yet another good reason for owners of the Mad Catz MOJO to download the new firmware update and get OUYA Everywhere.