Spintires Gains Sales Traction, Clears 100k Units

Spintires has had an amazing launch, coming out June 13th and sitting in the top spot of the Steam best-seller list for a large percentage of its availability.  Over two weeks later and it’s still in the top 10, and as of June 30 Spintires has cleared the sales milestone of 100,000 copies sold.  While this won’t make Call of Duty worry that its sales record will be broken any time soon, for an independent gaming studio that had to Kickstarter the game’s way to completion it’s a major success.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Spintires is a game about wrangling big trucks through deep mud, transporting logs from one end of a map to another while exploring to find other vehicles and garages to make the trip a little less likely to end stuck in a ditch somewhere.  It’s a slower, more contemplative kind of driving game, where moving a few feet can be a major victory.  This apparently resonated with more people than one would have initially expected, but it’s always nice to see a new take on an old genre get such a strong reception.

With great success comes great responsibility opportunity, and Oovee Games isn’t ready to stop working yet.  Quoting directly from the press release, “…we will endeavour to improve the platform with free updates and DLC.”  According to a Q&A on the Spintires Steam forums, what this means is that there’s plenty of free stuff on the way, but some DLC will probably end up costing money depending on how much work it takes to complete.  Of course, the modding community is only just starting to get to work as well, and while Steam Workshop isn’t integrated yet it seems a no-brainer down the road.  The success of Spintires means the game of today is going to look very different from what it turns into in the coming months, but for right now it’s just good to know that there’s a whole lot of people who enjoy dragging massive trucks through the unforgiving wilderness.