MangaGamer Announces Trio of Visual Novels

MangaGamer hosted a panel at Anime Expo 2014 where they discussed a variety of titles, including previously unannounced upcoming ones. It’s apparent the visual novel publisher is trying to further expand its audience by appealing to multiple tastes.

First, they announced the hard to pronounce Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning. In this game players take on the role of Nikola Tesla in an alternate history where he inventor is instead an electricity-powered superhero. The steampunk visual novel’s impending American release was made possible by a partnership with Liarsoft.

Next MangaGamer announced their first otome release – OZMAFIA. Players enter a Wizard of Oz-inspired story as an amnesiac. Fuuka’s story has her interacting with the many handsome men of the Oz mafia. Of course, you can choose to romance whichever fellow suits your fancy. It’s very likely that OZMAFIA will arrive on Steam as it is not an adult-rated title.

The publisher has also finally jumped back on the yaoi train with No, Thank You!! (yes, that’s the title’s stylization). In this game you also star as an amnesiac who has lost his memories after saving someone from a car accident. Afterwards, the man you saved takes responsibility for your care and helps you land a job at a bar. You’ll be able to chase hot guys, unravel a mystery, and more.