Mighty No. 9 Animated Series And New Funding Campaign Announced

Mighty No. 9 which had a successful Kickstarter campaign that easily exceeded funding expectations by more than 400% is back at it again. This time around, the developers say the project is not for extra funds to create the game. The new campaign is also not for the animated Mighty No. 9 series. You read that correctly: Mighty No. 9 will be receiving an animated series. The developers stated, “It is solely for creating additional content for the game beyond the stretch goals that were already met. For this new funding campaign we are looking to add new content to the game that we did not or could not add to the stretch goals during the original funding campaign!”

The new animated series was announced by Keiji Inafune during Anime Expo 2014. You can find details about the new campaign here , and information about the donation tiers and animated series can be found here.