Kinect for Windows v2 Up for Pre-Order

Microsoft has revealed how much Kinect for Windows v2 will cost, and it’s expensive.  Microsoft has updated their store listing with the price of $199.99 ahead of its release on July 15.

Much like with the first Kinect of Windows, Kinect for Windows v2 focuses more on providing, “interactive applications that recognize peoples’ natural movements, gestures, and voice commands.”  It is possible for PC games to utilize the Kinect, though, like with the first Kinect, we’re more likely to see people develop some awesome new ways to use the camera technology.

$199.99 is a high price, but it’s still cheaper than the even higher price Kinect for Windows.  The first model launched at $249.99, and is still that price.  Of course, this is not a consumer product but rather a dev kit, and the price for Kinect for Windows v2 is not indicative of the price for the Xbox One’s standalone Kinect.  Kinect for Windows v2 is not compatible with Xbox One, and Microsoft will have more information on a standalone unit for Xbox One in the near future.

Kinect for Windows was embraced by developers who used Kinect in vastly creative ways.  In fact, many outside the games industry have harnessed Kinect’s capabilities to make advancements in fields such as medicine and imaging technology.  While the price for Kinect for Windows v2 may be very high for the average consumer not looking to develop for it, the development community will find the price better than the first model.