Guerrilla Cambridge Working On ‘High Profile, Multi-Million Selling Franchise,’ Next PS4 Killzone Incoming?

A PlayStation UK job listing has today popped up that reveals an upcoming project for Guerrilla Cambridge. The listing states “Guerrilla’s Cambridge Studio (UK) is looking for an experienced Audio programmer to work on forthcoming projects in a high profile, multi-million selling franchise.”

Guerilla Cambridge (formerly SCE Cambridge Studio) worked on the MediEvil Series as well as various one-offs before being rebranded as “Guerilla Cambridge” and assigned to supporting Guerrila Games, the developers of the Killzone franchise. Cambridge has developed one game since then, Killzone Mercenary.

As the studio seems to only be working on Guerrila series now and the job listing is for a “multi-million selling franchise,” it seems likely it’s the next Killzone game for PS4.

We’ll follow the story and report any updates. Read our review of Killzone: Shadow Fall here and its DLC “Intercept” here.