Xbox Owners Feel Betrayed Over Destiny Playstation Exclusivity

It’s been known for weeks that exclusive Destiny DLC for the Playstation was forthcoming. On Monday Bungie revealed Beta details, along with the Collector’s Editions of the game. When Xbox owners caught wind that one of the limited sets would contain DLC exclusive to Playstation, that was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back. Across the internet, Xbox fans have been raging. They may have a right to be upset.

While timed exclusives are nothing new, having exclusive DLC inside of a Limited Collector’s Edition might be taking things a step too far. Xbox owners are left with a special that’s just a little bit less special than it would be on Playstation – for the same price, of course. Some particularly outraged fans have threatened to cancel pre-orders. Petitions have also surfaced around the world wide web.


Word of the Xbox owners displeasure was noted by Bungie, who reiterated that they are not being left out. Bungie reminded them that Destiny is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 and all the exclusive Playstation DLC will be made available to everyone some time in 2015. This still did placate enraged fans, as they feel the loyalty they have shown to Bungie and the Halo series over the years is being taken for granted. Playstation owners got exclusive access to last month’s alpha, and in the upcoming beta, they’ll have 6 days of gameplay while Xbox owners will have only 3.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, received an interesting question on Twitter from a fan who asked if he was mad about Bungie’s perceived betrayal. Phil’s response was, “No, not at all. Just want them to build a great game.” The war for exclusive content will rage on, and given that Destiny is among the most hyped releases of 2014, it’s hardly a surprise that jilted fans are raging too.