YouPorn Considering Sponsoring DOTA 2/League of Legends/Hearthstone Players

Would you like to burst into the next DOTA2/League of Legends/Hearthstone tournament with an emblazoned YouPorn jacket? The company seems to be thinking of taking the pornography/gaming relationship even deeper by sponsoring an eSports team. The company tweeted out the following statement today:

“Do we have any competitive LoL, DOTA2, or HeartStone players following us? What do you think about YouPorn sponsoring a team?”

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.41.36 PMIn all good conscious we can’t link to their Twitter as it contains multiple explicit images and links, but we’re sure you know where to find it.

This isn’t the first time pornography and gaming have crossed paths. PornHub has full support on the PS4 and other consoles and it’s being used.

In all seriousness, though, it would be hilarious to see teams of pro gamers competing in YouPorn gear — because after all, what other “sport” would benefit from the association — it’s just up to the leagues to allow it.

Would you like to see a YouPorn sponsored pro gaming team? Sound off below.