Tekken 7 Announced, Surprising Engine Choice

The latest entry in the Tekken series was announced earlier today, surprising exactly nobody. What was surprising, however, was the reveal itself. The IGN video announcement was outed by AOL, marking the first time anyone has visited that website since 2003. While dozens of struggling executives loosening their nooses is good news enough, another tidbit of information happened to stand out.

Tekken 7 will be using Unreal 4. That’s right, the engine normally reserved for shooters, RPGs and apparently the Crackdown reboot, will be powering the fighter. While no gameplay has been revealed, one wonders how the engine is utilized, and whether this means we’ll finally be able to pull the whiskers from Jinpachi’s face.

No specific platform or release date was mentioned, but director Katushiro Harada claims it could arrive on current-gen platforms, and can be easily ported elsewhere.