Diancie Being Distributed this Fall for Pokémon X & Y

We got a heap of new Pokémon info today including a new Mega Evolution, but along with all that comes a bit of an update on Diancie, the legendary jewel Pokémon. You’ll be able to receive your very own Diancie this fall from participating GameStop locations. Apparently, it seems you’ll only be able to download it for Pokémon XY and only Mega Evolve it once it arrives to Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. The third generation remakes come to stores November 21, so Diancie should be made available on or around that date. More details will come as the time draws closer.

Speaking of Mega Evolutions, here’s some stats for Mega Diancie. Its ability changes to Magic Bounce which makes any status or stat-lowering effects bounce of you and hit the attacker. Mega Diancie has increased Speed, Attack and Special Attack but gets both its defenses lowered. It’ll prove useful against plenty of Dark, Fighting and Dragon-type foes. With Diancie finally receiving attention we’re wondering about those other new Pokémon that were leaked with it; when will they get an update?