Robocraft Lands on Early Access

Have you been searching for Minecraft-esque free-to-play games? If so, you’re in luck as Robocraft has just launched today via Steam’s Early Access program.

Developer Freejam describes Robocraft as a mix between Minecraft and World of Tanks. Certainly, these are both popular games, but how does it distinguish itself? Players build their “robo vehicles” from cubes, weapons, wheels, and the like. Once you’ve created one, it’s time to battle in a variety of modes such as Flying Warships, Jet Cars, Tanks, and user-created modes.

Anything required to win is provided to players for free. Of course, it might take a while to earn up enough Robo-points for that. Anyone who plays Robocraft this week can nab 1,000 Robo-points as part of a promotion. Install, register, and use the code STEAMLAUNCH-1000RP to get a head start.