Upcoming Indie Title The Long Dark heading to Steam Early Access

The upcoming debut project by Hinterland Games, The Long Dark, has emerged from its pre-alpha phase with a shiny new website and an enticing new trailer, with the developers announcing a Sept. 2014 Steam Early Access release.

In the game, you play a pilot who crash lands during an apocalypse where all technology has been wiped out by a geo-magnetic disaster. The game looks to challenge the players morally, as well as giving them harsh survival challenges, presenting situations where you need food, but have none, or come across a fellow survivor who needs help, but don’t have the strength or may not want to take the risk.

The Early Access phase will not include the planned story mode, to avoid spoilers, according to the developers. Instead, Hinterland will be releasing it as a sandbox to get feedback.

Hinterland is a studio made up of former AAA developers who branched off to make their own game, according to their website. The Long Dark is coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign.