XBLIG Classic Hidden in Plain Sight Arrives on Steam

In 2011, the indie game scene was quite different from today. At that time the Xbox 360 was the best opportunity for independent teams to share their games with the world via Xbox Live Indie Games. Developer Adam Spragg brought Hidden in Plain Sight to XBLIG where it gained a following.

Since then, the game has come to Windows and Ouya. For a while, you could even nab the PC download for free (XBLIG version was only $1!). Now, Steam users have their shot with the unique local multiplayer-focused game. The mechanics revolve around players trying to blend in among droves of AI creatures to keep from being shot.

Gamers with PC controllers and a buddy to play multiplayer with (there’s no single player or online mode) can grab Hidden in Plain Sight for $4.49 right now, which is 10% off. After July 23 the price will rest at $4.99.