Kickstarter-backed ‘Chroma Squad’ Facing Legal Action from Power Rangers Rights Holders

One of the more intriguing video game Kickstarters last year was Chroma Squad, a tactical turn-based manager game that would allow players to film their own Sentai shows. Although the game is based off the “Sentai” genre, it was clearly inspired most by Power Rangers (an inspiration the Kickstarter itself mentions). Although the game stars various colored Sentai heroes that look almost identical to the rangers, it was not authorized by, SABAN, the North American rights holders of the Power Rangers series. Now almost a year after the project’s completion, they’re in hot water with them.

In an update posted to project backers, it was revealed that SABAN has presented them with two options: 1. Using legal action to ensure that the game isn’t released or 2. Joining the project with a royalty share. Of course, they chose the second, non-getting sued and losing their game, option.

The developers ensure that the game will continue to be developed and will still see release as an indie title.