‘That Wizard Came From The Moon’ Removed From Destiny Beta

When the dialogue in your game becomes a meme, and that meme becomes a t-shirt, there’s a good chance you need to head back to the recording studio. And that, more or less, is what Bungie did after receiving widespread criticism regarding actor Peter Dinklage’s performance in the Destiny alpha.

“That wizard came from the moon!”

It’s incredible the impact a poorly delivered line can have on an experience. While plenty of games have shoddy voice work, often spewing cheesy dialogue within a mozzarella story, fans expected something more from a game with a budget that could house every villager in Rwanda.

The mission, titled The Dark Within, remains. The dialogue, however, has been altered slightly. A filter has been utilized to mask Dinklage’s bizarre performance, and the infamous line that sparked the initial outrage has been removed altogether. Bungie promised that the dialogue would continue to improve over the course of development, as well, and a company with the humility to admit when it’s wrong is a company worth supporting. Bungie didn’t do much second guessing once fan outcry reached meme-levels, and the beta is better for it.

Check out the original dialogue below: