Next Doom Revealed, Detailed at QuakeCon 14

People were surprised when Bethesda announced that the next Doom reveal would be exclusive to QuakeCon 14 attendees, but the company was true to their word, keeping the event contained to physical attendees of the show after cutting away from their livestream. Luckily we were in attendance and are happy to report the big news.

Enemies were further shown off, which are hellish monsters fused with machines. It will be an origin game, taking place before the events of the previous games. Featuring fast paced gameplay, the game will take place on mars where forces of hell invade.

Every enemy is designed for a unique gameplay experience and can carry every gun at any time. It was said that Doom is about fast, fluid combat and charging, much unlike Call of Duty. It will be 1080p, 60fps on PC.  PS4 and Xbox One specs were not announced.

The game features a brutal new melee system where heads can be smashed in and guts can be ripped out. The sawed off shotgun is capable of splitting enemies in half.

Two demos were shown: one inside and one outside the Mars base. The first demo shown ended with a jet pack wielding enemy tearing off the player’s arms, beating him with them, and punching him in the face. The second demo featured a chainsaw, and a fat monster being killed by forcing it to eat its own stomach and then exploding. The second demo ended with a huge giant over your face. The game seemed very atmospheric; Id Tech 6 engine is great with lighting and particle effects.

No word of multiplayer was mentioned.

This marks the third notable reveal at the event, with the first being a release date swap for The Evil Within and the second pertaining to Quake Live.

Stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more late-breaking Doom updates.