Did the Developers of Stalker Just Receive a Letter from Vladimir Putin?

Vladmir Putin has been in the news lately for a myriad of reasons, but we never thought Russia’s President would permeate the gaming world. The developers of cult survival horror game “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” are currently trying to raise funds for a spiritual successor dubbed “Areal” via Kickstarter. The project is doing fairly well and has raised $38,607 of its $50,000 with 4 days to go at time of writing. Apparently, it’s been enough to catch the eye of one Vladimir Putin.

The developers, West Games, received a letter today signed from Putin stating that his daughter informed him of the game after backing its Kickstarter. Putin confesses his love of games and offers an invite to the Kremlin to met him and talk about “the interests of young people, the gamers of our country.”

It’s currently unknown if the letter is real or not and West Games is investigating its authenticity.

Check out a translated version below:

“Dear Eugene,

My daughter told me about your game called Areal, which is the spiritual successor to STALKER, and told me that she payed money to support your project on Kickstarter. I also love video games as well as shooters, and I like this idea. It’s important that our people do not shoot at each other, but instead, play games like this.

The first part of STALKER took place in Ukraine, and in the second game Areal, you put all events in the center of Russia – and if this is a war with mutants in a video game, then that is very interesting. I attentively familiarized myself with your idea and I really like it.

If you give me the chance to play the alpha version of the game, when it is ready, then I invite you in advance to the Kremlin, to meet personally, be ready to play a little bit and talk about the interests of young people, the gamers of our country.

Best regards,


V. Putin”

Image: Telegraph