Petition to Bring Back Crash Bandicoot Surfaces 

Sony’s once-upon-a-time mascot hasn’t starred in a game since 2008’s Crash: Mind Over Mutant. The game, which received fairly negative reviews, didn’t feel much like a Crash Bandicoot game at all. Most reviewers cited repetitive and uninspired gameplay as the culprit, but fans quickly found that its lack of charm had set the course for failure long before deja vu kicked in.

Fast-forward six years, and Sony is ready to revisit old franchises. In a recent interview with Telegraph, group CEO Andrew House expressed interest in bringing Naughty Dog’s classic character back to console, suggesting the company has been discussing the matter for quite some time.

Of course, industry ramblings aren’t enough to appease the diehards. With plenty of fans holding out for another good entry in the series, a petition has surfaced by way of with hopes of putting the franchise in Sony’s control once more. Sitting at around 1000 signatures at the time of writing, interested parties should jump aboard. Although it’s unlikely that any amount of signatures will persuade Activision to loosen their tight grip of the property, it’s worth a shot.