Atlus Reveal Persona Q Opening Cinematic and Release Date

Persona Q. You know, it’s that dungeon-crawler in the vein of Etrian Odyssey that somehow mashes up the casts of Persona 3 and 4 in an actual canonical story! Well, the hotly anticipated RPG, which has done swimmingly in Japan, is not due out for another few months. Still, that hasn’t stopped ATLUS from showing off the opening movie that will grace players when first starting up the game. Thus, we’re here to present it to you. So lay those eyes on the video below.

But not only do you get the opening cinematic today; you also get a firm release date. It’s been believed that Persona Q would hit store shelves sometime this Fall, and it would seem that is indeed the case as the game has officially been given a November 25 launch date. Just in time for the holiday rush. Now go brush up on your Persona in preparation for this gem!