Platformer-Filled Indie Royale Shoe Bundle Released

Indie Royale is back with one of the more strangely-named bundles ever. While the shoe bundle may evoke memories of Al Bundie reminiscing about scoring four touchdowns in one game at Polk High, it’s actually full of platformers. For the current cost of around $4, you can get Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Savant: Ascent, Mr. Bree+, Jack Lumber, FLY’N, Oozi: Earth Adventure, Akane the Kunoichi, and Doomed ‘n Damned. Everything here but Doomed ‘n Damned activates on Steam, and that’s in the Greenlight process right now. As someone with nearly every game in this bundle, I’m tempted to get it just for that game since it looks so good.¬†At $6, you get a bonus album Dr. Vector’s “Made in Italy”, so check out the Bandcamp page and see if you think it’s worth $2 extra.