Otome Game Nicole Arrives on Steam

Just a few years ago, the concept of “otome games” was relatively unknown in the Western gaming sphere. However, since games like Hakuoki and Sweet Fuse there’s at least a little more awareness these days. In case you’re still not sure, otome games basically are visual novels that cater to a heterosexual woman’s viewpoint. Mostly they involve playing as a woman and getting a shot at romancing various handsome guys.

Nicole is one of the very first otome titles on Steam. It was developed by Winter Wolves in 2013 and successfully Greenlit for Steam launch. The game focuses around main character Nicole as she navigates life at her new college. Of course, things take a turn for the dramatic once she learns the campus is plagued by sudden and mysterious student disappearances. Between navigating the mystery players must still handle common dating sim elements such as raising Nicole’s stats and talking to her peers.

There are two versions of Nicole currently available on Steam. For $18.99 you can nab the game, but for a buck more ($19.99) there’s a Deluxe Edition. This comes with wallpapers and the official soundtrack. Note that this purchase is specifically for the otome version. A yuri version is still in the works and will likely not be included with the otome purchase.