This Is What Happens When Tetsuya Nomura Designs Batman

Tetsuya Nomura is one of the most well known character designers in the industry.  He has created some of the most iconic Final Fantasy characters of all time including Cloud, Sephiroth, Auron, and Lightning among others.  He also designed all the characters for Kingdom Hearts, a franchise he created and directed.  So he’s well known for creating some really interesting characters, but what happens when he’s handed an iconic character and asked to redesign him?  Well we know the results courtesy of Square Enix and DC Comics.

On display at the San Diego Comic-Com is a new version of Batman designed by Nomura.  This Batman is part of a special line of collectible figures sold by Variant Play Arts Kai.  Square Enix and DC Comics have teamed up to create and manufacture these unique designs as figurines, with Batman being the first.

Batman Tetsuya Nomura

The design is very unique with the suit looking more bat than man.  The large ears and claws on the cape are very reminiscent of a bat, and the use of the color red reminds me of Batman Beyond.  While we may never see Batman wear this costume in any canon, or in Kingdom Hearts, it would be cool to see it as a downloadable costume for Batman: Arkham Knight.  No release date has been announced for the figurine.