Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord to get North American Release

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord is finally coming to North America courtesy of ATLUS. The Japanese cult hit is an SRPG (Strategy Role Playing Game) and will be a PS3 exclusive. This is the first game in the franchise  to get a western release and although the title has a “II” in it any knowledge of the previous titles is unnecessary. ATLUS will be handling the English translation, but if you so prefer the Japanese audio will still be intact. Tears to Tiara will also reportedly have over 80 hours of gameplay.

You can expect Tears to Tiara for $39.99 on October 14 in North America by ATLUS, and Nov 11 for a price TBD in Europe by NIS America.

Check out more details and the opening movie below:

“Tears to Tiara II follows Hamilcar Barca, a young man eking his way through life indentured to the Divine Empire. But when the Empire burns an innocent girl at the stake, he unleashes a terrible secret-his unbridled rage and demonic might of the berserker. With his newfound strength, and the insistence of a goddess, Hamilcar shoulders the burden of freeing his people from the tyranny of a corrupt Empire. On his journey to free himself and his enslaved people, he will fight alongside powerful allies, beasts, and even the gods themselves. However, he must control the demon within first, lest he himself turns the world to ash.”

Tears to Tiara II features:

  • More than 15 main characters to get to know as the story unfolds in visual novel style. From a timid lad who hides an intense hatred within to a crude war goddess who’s never seen the earth below, characters will meet, forge relationships and alliances, and get pushed to their limits in the quest to free themselves from the Divine Empire.
  • Strategic turn-based gameplay will challenge the most battle-hardened generals with its combat. Use your allies, and even giant creatures, to help turn the tide in battle.
  • Joint Attacks, Consecutive Strikes, and Boost Magic mechanics add extra depth to the strategy gameplay and make for more replayability.
  • Original Japanese story and battle audio.