Walking Dead Season 3 Confirmed

The latest season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead didn’t start out on the best footing, and it’s struggled to inflict the sort of deep emotional trauma that made the first season so special, but even in its more mawkish moments it’s still one of the best licensed games of our time. Fans are eagerly anticipating further news of the series, and today at their Comic-Con panel (as well as on Twitter), Telltale announced that a third season was indeed in production. Whether this new season will follow the further exploits of Clementine or put us in the shoes of a new protagonist remains to be seen (though the final episode of Season 2 will likely shed light on that either way) but you can be sure they’ll throw some kind of curveball at us. Regardless, it’s exciting that we’ll be able to spend more time in this world and with these characters (fleeting though their lives may be).