Indie Royale Debut 16 Bundle Launched

A new Indie Royale Debut bundle is upon us, and gets you seven games for under $3. For less than the cost of pretty much anything, you’ll get Prelogate, QbQbQb, Mind Dead, Cyberpunk 3776, Elements: Soul of Fire, Intergalactic Bubbles, and Alcarys Complex. If you want some JRPG action, check out Prelogate, Elements: Soul of Fire, and Alcarys Complex. Those seeking a 3D puzzler might like Intergalactic Bubbles, while those wanting a fast-paced puzzle experience should enjoy QbQbQb. Mind Dead is a highly-stylized third-person horror game, but looks like the weakest game of the bunch. Cyberpunk 3776 is a side-scrolling shooter with heavy color-saturation, so if you dig games with extreme color schemes, this should strike your fancy. Cyberpunk 3776 seems worth the cost of the bundle on its own, but if you want things to add to Steam, you’ll have to help Greenlight the games since these are DRM-free and Desura-only so far.