Nintendo Reveals Q1 Financials, Wii U Lifetime Sales At 6.68 Million

Nintendo has revealed their financials for Q1 2014, which covers April-June 2014.  The company sold 510,000 Wii U units and  820,000 3DS units, but that wasn’t enough to stop the company from suffering a financial loss.  

The Wii U did extremely well this past quarter thanks to Mario Kart 8, which sold an impressive 2.82 million copies in the month that it was available.  Lifetime sales for the Wii U now stand at 6.68 million units, which puts it in second place for the eighth-generation of consoles.  It’s behind Sony’s PlayStation 4, but still ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Nintendo suffered a loss of ¥9.47 billion ($92.6 million).  The company blamed this on the lack of major releases for both the 3DS and Wii U.  Other than Mario Kart 8, there really weren’t a lot of noteworthy games released on Nintendo platforms.  Last year saw the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which all sold extremely well.  Nintendo still expects to return to profit by the end of the Fiscal Year.