Sony Financials: PlayStation Consoles Outsold Xbox Consoles 3:1 In Q1 2014

Sony’s Q1 2014 Financial Report has been released showing positive growth in the company’s Games & Network Services division.  Sales for PS4 and PS3 consoles and PS Vita and PSP handhelds were up with PlayStation consoles managing to outsell Xbox consoles by a 3:1 margin.

Sony generated ¥257.5 billion ($2.5 billion) in sales leading to an operating profit of ¥4.3 billion ($43 million).  The rise in profit from Q1 2013 is pinned on the PS4, which continues to sell extremely well despite a lack of games.  Sony did not release how many PS4s have been sold worldwide, but they did say that PS4 and PS3 sales hit 3.5 million in Q1, up from 1.1 million last year, and over 3 million more than Xbox consoles (1.1 million in Q1 2014).  PS Vita and PSP sales stand at 750,000, up from 600,000 in 2013.

Last we heard, PS4 sales were at 7 million units sold, Xbox One had 5 million units shipped to retailers, and Wii U had sold 6.68 million units.  For now, it looks like Sony is leading the eighth-generation of consoles.