Receive Mega Heracross and Mega Pinsir from Wireless Distribution and Gamestop

On August 13 you’ll be able to download two special Pokémon. Pinsir and Heracross are strong Bug-type Pokémon who also have Mega Evolutions. There are actually two ways for trainers to receive them: one via Nintendo Network and the other from GameStop stores.

They aren’t holding Mega Stones, but it does allow those with Pokémon X to finally catch a Heracross and those with Y can get Pinsir. They’re version exclusives which meant not everyone could catch them all unless they traded. This download is available to trainers in the United States and Canada. This time they come with Pinsirite and Heracronite to unleash their Mega forms.

From August 13 to September 17, you’ll be able to download the pair via the Nintendo Network. Starting August 18, however, you can visit participating Gamestop locations and download the bugs right there.

While at GameStop, players can pre-order Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire which are dated for a November 21 release date. Doing so will earn you a special poster while supplies last. There will also be a Diancie distribution taking place a couple of months from now. Details will be announced as soon as they become available.