Elysian Shadows Hopes to be a ‘Next Gen’ 2D RPG for Dreamcast, PC and Mobile

In the SNES/Genesis era of gaming, 2D RPGs were beloved thanks to gorgeous pixel art, sweeping storylines, and great gameplay. As time went on, the 2D RPG took a backseat to 3D titles. But what if it were possible to bring the 2D aesthetics gamers knew and loved back then to the current generation? What would such a game look like?

Elysian Shadows hopes to be exactly this sort of “next generation” RPG thanks to a host of features proposed on their Kickstarter page. The game is set to be a pixelated adventure that switches between 2D and 3D perspectives and includes dynamic lighting. Even the┬ásound has been upgraded to allow for positional sound.

Of course, the game itself intends to harken back to classic RPGs with a multitude of cities to explore, exciting boss encounters, and the like. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Elysian Shadows is its target release systems. Developer Elysian Shadows Team has promised it for: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android, iOS, Ouya, and Dreamcast. Yes, a physical Dreamcast release! Modern console and handheld support are currently stretch goals.

If they can reach beyond their initial funding goal of $150,000 then a whole bunch of other stuff may be added to Elysian Shadows. Such features include Oculus Rift support, additional languages, and a new game + mode.