BioShock Announced for iPhone and iPad

Remember that BioShock themed teaser 2K Games tweeted out two weeks ago?  Turns out it isn’t a new game in the franchise, but a port of the original BioShock to iPad and iPhone.  That’s right, BioShock is coming to Apple’s devices.

BioShock comes to iOS devices later this summer as the full experience.  You’re getting all of the same content found in the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions.  Graphics have been toned down and impressions of the game suggest that the game is not capable of maintaining 30fps like its console brethren.  The UI has been reconfigured to make use of the touchscreen, and features an on-screen thumbstick, fire, jump, and other buttons.  Those who wish to play with a controller can pair a bluetooth controller with their iOS device for more precise control may do so.

2K has not confirmed the price, but did confirm BioShock will be a “premium” app purchase suggesting a price point of anywhere between $15-$20.