Dragon Quest IV Will Be Getting A Mobile Port

I was going to cover this news by saying “the best Dragon Quest game” is coming to mobile platforms, but apparently some people out there have incorrect opinions and would’ve been confused as to exactly which Dragon Quest game I was talking about. This version will be based on the 2008 DS remake featuring multiple chapters with different point-of-view characters. While it is perhaps a bit simple by today’s standards, the DS version showed that the game was still a wonderful old school JRPG so if you missed out then this would be a great time to check the game out.

Square Enix confirmed the mobile version of the game would be coming to Western audiences as part of the unveiling of their upcoming Gamescom lineup. While no definitive release date or price has been announced as of yet, more information will surely be announced as part of their Gamescom conference. For now, we’ll just have to content ourselves knowing this classic game will be making its way to the hands of a new audience.