Subject 13 Kickstarter Seeks Oculus Rift Stretch Goal

Kickstarter project Subject 13 was successfully funded this week. The adventure game received $40,000 over the past month and currently has three days left. Now Microids is hoping to raise $20,000 more to fund an Oculus Rift version.

Subject 13 is notable in part because designer Paul Cuisset is on board. If the name sounds familiar that’s likely because he is the man behind Flashback: The Quest for Identity. As of right now, they’re keeping the plot of Subject 13 obscured.

At the $20 tier you can secure a copy of the game with a highly tentative release date of October 2014. Spending $60 upgrades your copy of Subject 13 to a boxed copy with Cuisset’s signature.

Here is a new gameplay video that was released in celebration of reaching their funding goal: