Emergency 5 Will Release October with New Features, Deep Silver Announces [UPDATED]

Deep Silver has been relatively silent about their upcoming fifth installment of the Emergency franchise until now, when they announced via twitter that the game will launch on PC in October.

Deep Silver did not say what new engine the game would be running on, but the new vehicles and co-op are sure to excite fans of the series.

Emergency is a game where players control emergency services, such as police, fire and medical services, in a series of challenging missions, according to Deep Silver.

[UPDATE 8/6 8:07 AM] Deep Silver posted the official announcement on their website, announcing that Gamescom attendees will be able to play the game at Deep Silver’s booth. The game will include “3 accurately detailed maps of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich,” more than 20 new vehicles and 4-player co-op maps.

Deep Silver also announced the Deluxe Version. The only details on the deluxe version thus far is that it will also include a map of the city of Cologne.