No Plans for Plants vs. Zombies 2 PC Release, EA says

It’s been more than a year since Plants vs. Zombies 2 developer PopCap Games released the long-anticipated sequel to its popular tower-defense success exclusively on iOS. When asked around that time about this choice of platforms, PopCap assured worried fans that they were planning to bring the sequel to numerous platforms and “make it even more widely available than the original Plants vs. Zombies.” Since that statement, what new platforms have they landed on? Android.

With the recent expansion – nay – two expansions for Plants vs Zombies 2, one would think it’s the perfect time to bring it to another platform, such as … I don’t know … PC? You know, the platform the game started on, whose dedicated fans helped make the game what it is today?


Well the one who thinks that is not on the public relations team for Electronic Arts, who, when asked via email by Hardcore Gamer if any such plans existed, had this to say: “We’re always looking for the right platforms to deliver great Plants vs. Zombies experiences, but at this time we’re just focused on iOS and Android for Plants vs. Zombies 2.”

So, after a year of assurance by PopCap that Plants vs. Zombies 2 is on its way to ubiquity, you can now play the game on a different mobile phone. For a developer who seems to think of PC gaming as a trip to the dark ages, the expansion’s title sure is suspect. A PC release doesn’t even seem that difficult, especially for a developer with EA’s resources at its disposal. The game would surely be on Origin, which has an in-game store to support Plants vs Zombies 2’s annoying free-to-play model, although no one would complain if they bundled all the extra content into a flat price – unlikely.

Say what you want about how fun Plants vs. Zombies 2 is, but it certainly cannot boast loyalty to fans of the franchise.