Two New Mega Evolutions Revealed in CoroCoro

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine has revealed that two additional Pokémon will be receiving Mega Evolutions: Altaria and Lopunny. Altaria grows even puffier when it changes from Dragon/Flying to Dragon/Fairy. Its has the ability to Pixilate, which turns any of its Normal-type attacks into Fairy-types. Lopunny, the first non-Gen III Pokémon getting a Mega Evolve in Ruby and Sapphire, turns into a Normal/Fighting creature with the Scrappy ability, allowing it hit Ghost-types without any difficulties.

Both Pokémon being given new type combinations makes strategy a must. With every new Mega Evolution announced there’s always something that changes in somebody’s game plan. Stay on your toes trainers, there’s bound to be more announcements soon.