Paul McCartney To Release Destiny Single

Sir Paul McCartney is known for a lot of things. Chief among them, of course, is his role as original Beatles member and LSD enthusiast through the 1960’s and 70’s. A few other quick facts include his veganism, support of animal rights activist movements, and the winning of multiple Grammy’s across a prestigious career in music. And over the years, despite being as far from a gamer as possible without having been born without eyes, ears and hands, McCartney has — and continues to be — a supporter (and occasional participator) of the video game industry.

In collaboration with Destiny composer, Marty O’Donnell, the ex-Beatle recorded a Destiny-themed track at Abbey Road, accompanied by a 120-piece orchestra. The track’s theme, outside of any alien-slaughtering and planetary exploration, is hope. While there’s no solid release date, McCartney expects it to hit the waves shortly after Destiny’s launch.

With only a few hiccups during its beta, Destiny has so far impressed across nearly every avenue; with its soundtrack firmly at the top of that list. And Paul McCartney’s involvement is further proof of its quality, helping to shape its coming release in an even brighter light. Also, it’s nice to see that a peace-and-love blaring do-gooder is cool with ridding planets of alien scum by any means necessary.