Some Details Confirmed as New Ones Emerge in Latest Pokémon Trailer

Just a couple of days ago, we announced some new details from CoroCoro scans. There were new Mega Evolutions and special Pikachus to obsess over. Now, we’ve gotten some confirmation on a few things. The aforementioned Pikachus are able to wear costumes granting them the use of special attacks. We now know they are able to keep the clothing on during battles and use those moves. We get to see the new Mega Pokémon in full animation as well as attack. Salamence in particular seems to be half robotic.

Then we’ve received a release date for the special shiny Beldum event. Beginning November 21, the day of the games’ release,  you’ll be able to nab yourself a shiny Beldum holding a Mega Stone.

There was also some information in the trailer that we didn’t cover before. Some Pokémon, if they can go Mega, will be able to do so during contests. If the audience is really digging the performance and their excitement has reached its maximum, your Pokémon will Mega Evolve and it will probably get you more points. And something new to X and Y comes to Hoenn. Horde battles were an exciting feature which allowed for more experience, bigger EV boosts and higher chances of shiny encounters. Now we know new Pokémon will be found in the horde fights.

Watch the newly released trailer below and see all of the details for yourselves: