Gamescom 2014: Below Officially Releasing in 2015

Below, the game that won thousands of gamers over at PAX East (including myself) might be the most promising game coming out next year. While this sounds like a stretch, Capy’s bizarre combination of the original The Legend of ZeldaDark SoulsSpelunky, and Journey appears to be the flagship title of Microsoft’s soon-to-be-awesome ID@Xbox program. During their Press Conference, Microsoft subtly announced that Below would be coming out next year.

Below puts players in the role of a wanderer on a mysterious island chock full of underground caves. The environments are procedurally generated, but major set pieces still remain (allowing the game to look prettier than nearly every procedurally generated game we’ve seen thus far. When one dies due to Below‘s punishing, emotionally aware enemies, he or she spawns as an entirely new wanderer. This touch gives a sense of finality to every action the player takes, causing Below to resonate with players emotionally.

Keep an eye on this one, folks; all indications are that it’ll be quite special.