Gamescom 2014: New Silent Hill Coming from Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, Stars Norman Reedus

If you watched Sony’s press conference today, you may have noticed a new title peculiarly titled “P.T.” that had very little information around it. We knew there was a playable demo available today for PS4, but otherwise, it was just some horror game that scared the living bejesus out of some poor souls.

Well it looks like there is more to this story. This interactive horror adventure is another invention of Hideo Kojima’s crazy marketing schemes. A Twitch Streamer by the name of SoapyWarPig came across the secret behind the game after playing through the demo. P.T. is actually a new Silent Hill title that’s being worked on between Hideo Kojima and famous director Guillermo del Toro, and stars of Walking Dead fame, Norman Reedus.

Guillermo del Toro was working on a horror title for THQ a couple years back, so what better franchise for him to be involved with than Silent Hill.