Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer Released – Zant

Nintendo has released another Hyrule Warriors trailer, this time featuring Zant.

The Japanese trailer shows Zant wielding dual scimitars and using manic strikes to go through waves of enemies. Zant can also make use of his magical abilities causing himself to grow into a giant and stomp his enemies or summon a massive version of his helmet exploding from the ground. Also shown is Zant summoning a hand, presumably from the twilight world, trapping his enemies in an area and dealing damage.

The end of the trailer shows the “Treasure Box” edition of the game which can be ordered on the Japanese version of amazon or gamecity. The box on the site is described as a “limited sale” and includes the initial award of the “Courage” costume set for three.

Zant along with Ganondorf and Girahim were already announced as playable characters and you can probably expect a trailer for Girahim next since he’s the only one of the three without one. Hyrule Warriors is due to release on September 16 and is a Wii U exclusive.