Gamescom 2014: Quantum Break Shown in Action

At Gamescom 2014, Remedy Entertainment gave us our first look at how Quantum Break will actually play. The third-person shooter/action game looks to be far more intense than the initial trailer indicated, as gunplay will play a major role in the moment-to-moment action. Jack, the player character, has the ability to boost through time, allowing him to manipulate the world around him. He’ll be able to stop and reverse bullets, relocate before enemies can realize what happened, or attack foes with ruthless precision. The world in Quantum Break is suffering from a time breakdown, meaning that the world will occasionally “shutter,” or cease to move forward in time. These stutters also bring about fights against the mechanized soldiers of the evil Monarch Corporation, a company who seeks to stop Jack in his quest to make things right.

Coming exclusively to Xbox One, Quantum Break looks to be fairly far into development. Though no release date is available at this time, it’s quite possible that the highly-promising action title will see a 2015 release.