Ikaruga Creator Hard at Work On New PlayStation 4 Shooter

It’s of little debate that Ikaruga is one of the finest games to come out of the SHMUP genre. With its unique shooting mechanics, understated lore that is ripe with profundity and a level of challenge befit for only the most hardcore gamers of the world (no pun intended), it’s clear why so many folks hold the shooter in such high regard. The man behind the classic, Hiroshi Iuchi — also known for Radiant Silvergun as well as Sin and Punishment — has now said that he has a new shooter in the works for the PlayStation 4.

In his blog today, Iuchi talked about his time with current development company M2, as well as getting the green-light from them to start work on his newest project: Ubusana. Although he hasn’t shared any further details in the blog post, he did report that the title will be a shooting game of sorts, and will be a downloadable game to boot — however, he didn’t rule out the project going multiplatform, either.

Nevertheless, it would seem that Ubusana is still a ways out, but that shouldn’t stop everyone from getting excited beyond words. With such an excellent track record, it’s likely that Ubusana will be another hit for the notorious designer.