Coming Soon to Project Morpheus: War Thunder

War Thunder is an interesting beast. It has all the makings of a hardcore military simulator, coupled with the subtle casual flares of an approachable MMO. It’s both a complex, unforgiving experience, and an inviting exploration of World War II’s armored warfare. And virtual reality, an addition that has only improved War Thunder’s aerial combat by tenfold, doesn’t seem to be a passing trend for developer Gaijin Entertainment.

With Oculus Rift support under its belt, War Thunder is now in development for Sony’s Project Morpheus. The goal, according to the developers, is a 360 degree view of the battlefield. First time battlers should beware, however: stereoscopic 3D battles are intense.

While no release date was mentioned by Gaijin, it’s safe to say that War Thunder on the PlayStation 4 will get a taste of the dizzying delights of virtual reality soon enough. For more about War Thunder and it’s foray into VR, read our E3 preview.