GameStick Down to $20 at GameStop

If you’ve heard the Hardcore Gamer Show at pretty much any time during your stay on the site, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of the OUYA. It’s become both a trademark and a running joke at times, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fans of the Android microconsole market – we’re just having some fun with it. I’ve enjoyed the OUYA since the first minute I had it, but the GameStick never really appealed to me. This $20 price is very tempting though. It was originally $80 versus $100 for the OUYA, and the game selection is relatively sparse when it comes to things not already on the OUYA’s marketplace. However, it does have some games that aren’t on the OUYA natively (but can be sideloaded) like Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame and Riptide GP. Some games look very appealing, like Smash Cops and The Other Brothers and aren’t available on the OUYA marketplace. It uses the ToFu media streaming setup, so if you want a cheap media streaming device for your house, you’re not going to get one for less than this.

At only $20, I’m tempted to pick this up just to check out a couple of the games that I can’t get on the OUYA. The lack of a free-to-try model definitely hurts the system, and is one thing that allows me to always recommend the OUYA since you really can get a lot of gaming time out of the free options on the platform. At $20, this would mainly be a curiosity buy, and something that I fear would gather dust next to my OnLive microconsole and serve its purpose as a prop for Youtube videos. Still, it’s only $20 and even if that price point is a bit worrisome for the long-term future of the device, maybe it’s a sign of something good – like a follow-up device with a bit more power behind it. It’s likely either something like that or GameStop clearing out their stock since there don’t appear to be any signs of the company folding.