2014 Pokémon World Champions Crowned

It was a tough couple of days down in our nation’s capital. If you weren’t aware, the Pokémon World Championships took place over the weekend and the winners overcame some steep competition. The champs received scholarship money, an invite to the 2015 championship and a fancy Pikachu trophy. Winners of both the TCG and video game tournaments are listed below. In the near future, card decks and team members will be immortalized for all fans and players to use. It’s something the Pokémon Company does to commemorate its champions and hopefully gives us a boost to our own teams. We hope to see this level of talent on display in 2015.

  • TCG Junior Division World Champion, Haruto Kobayashi from Japan.
  • Video Game Junior Division World Champion, Kota Yamamoto from Japan.
  • TCG Senior Division World Champion, Trent Orndorff from the United States.
  • Video Game Senior Division World Champion, Nikolai Zielinski from the United States.
  • TCG Masters Division World Champion, Andrew Estrada from Canada.
  • Video Game Masters Division World Champion, Se Jun Park from South Korea.